@LeslieTypes: My Favorite Cocktail

Recently I was asked to start sharing some of my favorite cocktail recipes.  If you follow me on Twitter, you have heard me mention a Chilton many times.

The Chilton is probably my all time favorite drink.  The first time I had one, I knew I was love.  It is sour and I love that.  If you do to, this is the drink for you!

Here is the super easy Chilton recipe:

1 oz. of quality Vodka of your choice
Club Soda
½ Lemon
Salt (to taste)
Add ice to glass.  Squeeze lemon over ice.  Add Vodka, fill with Club Soda and sprinkle drink with salt.  Swirl and enjoy.

This is a sipping drink…so take your time.

Used caution when ordering a Chilton in bars and restaurants.  Many bartenders may not want to use fresh squeezed lemon and may opt for a “citrus concoction” and Sprite or 7up over Club Soda.  Make this drink at home first so you will know what it tastes like.

What are your thoughts?

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