Yogurt + Coffee = A Delicious Treat

I had been trying to get over to Swirl and Brew in Frisco for a long time.  I was finally able to get by last week and I am so glad I did.

image via swirlandbrew.com

Swirl and Brew is a yogurt shop and coffee mill located smack dab in the middle of the construction zone at Lebanon and 423.  If you can make it around the traffic and construction, you must try their signature drink.  A creamy blended drink, uniquely called Swirl and Brew.

A Swirl and Brew is yogurt blended with coffee and a sauce.  My Swirl and Brew was made with vanilla yogurt, coffee and caramel.  I suggest trying it in its original recipe first, as I did, but you are free to customize your drink by changing the yogurt and sauce.

This drink is unlike any coffee drink I have ever had and when compared to other coffer drinks, for me, this one is at the top of the list because it doesn’t taste like iced over milk with coffee.  Like ice cream, the super creamy yogurt makes the difference.  All of the flavors of a Swirl and Brew come together well to create a delicious treat.

Go try it yourself!