@LeslieTypes: Yes, I tried In-N-Out…

I consider myself a bit of a food snob.  I think the Dallas area has some of the best places to chow and when something new moves into town, I am eager to try it.

When I heard In-N-Out would be coming to Dallas, I was beyond excited.  The Cali burger joint all my friends talked about would finally be moving into my neck of the woods.  A friend and I waited until some of the new wore off the location in Frisco and finally gave it a shot last week.

Our order: Cheeseburger, animal style, chopped chilies with an order of fries.

First bite: “Ok…it’s hot.”

Second bite: “Hmmm…does this burger have a thousand island dressing like substance on it?”

Third bite: Friend and I look at each other and say “I can name five other burger joints better than this!”

In-N-Out did not wow me and I never spoke of it again, until someone asked me what I thought.  A friend suggested I pull an Andrew Zimmern and try it twice before saying I don’t like it.  So yesterday I stopped at the same Frisco location and ordered the same thing…just to be sure.

First bite: “Ok…they serve hot food.”

Second bite: “Yep, that is something like thousand island dressing and that’s ok because almost everyone has a secret sauce nowadays.”

Third bite: “My first thoughts of In-N-Out were right.”

To me, In-N-Out is just another decent burger but it is not an exceptionally good beyond means burger.  It’s an ok buy; it’s an ok burger.  I don’t get the hype.  I don’t get what was the cause of the cult following.

Since, for me, In-N-Out is out, I would like to give you my top five picks of great places to get a burger in Dallas.  These are not the only burgers I eat, just a few of my favorite places to go.  I have not had every burger there is to have in this city and am always willing to try new places, so send your suggestions.  Note that some of the establishments are chains.  This post isn’t about chains being bad because chains CAN make good burgers.

5. Smashburger

4. Five Guys Burger and Fries

3. Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar

2. JG’s Old Fashion Hamburgers

1. Keller’s Drive-In (yep…it is actually a drive-in)

All in all, In-N-Out will probably do very well here despite my decision to get my burgers elsewhere.  If you haven’t tried them, go.  They are worth a shot!


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