Inside the Cause: Freedom Project

On a recent visit to the Abi Ferrin design studio, I had the pleasure of learning about the Freedom Project.

Born from an admiration of her sister’s humanitarian commitment to helping impoverished and at-risk women and children, Abi was inspired to incorporate the same commitment into her company. 

We live in a global community and the Freedom Project is bringing awareness to a serious global issue, the sex trade.  By collaborating with organizations like Guardian Village in Nepal and Sak Saum in Cambodia, Abi Ferrin Inc. commissions rescued women from the sex trade and other oppressive circumstances to contribute to every piece in the collection. 

These organizations provide disenfranchised women with the essential shelter, rehabilitation and trade skills they need to live a self-sustained life.  This collaboration helps provide women with a fair income, a sense of accomplishment and most of all, restores their dignity.

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Every design in the collection is adorned with a beautiful embellishment handcrafted by the women of the Freedom Project.  By using the medium of fashion, Abi Ferrin is able to empower her clientele to remember those and help those less fortunate. 

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