Not Just Another Vietnamese Bistro

I decided to pop in at V Bistro on Preston in Plano for the first time last week.  They have a great looking menu of dishes to choose from: pho, spring rolls, etc.

I consider myself a banh mi aficionado now so of course I ordered a beef banh mi.

In typical banh mi style the bread is crusty and delicious with the V Bistro special butter spread.  The beef has great flavor and the shredded carrot and sliced cucumbers add great crunch, the jalapeno slices add smooth heat throughout.

 V Bistro is a great alternative if you can’t get to Nammi Truck.  They are still my favorite banh mi slingers!

Tip: There is a location in Humble, Texas.  Try the pork banh mi – it’s great too.  Get the Thai tea with no whip–it is to die for!

What are your thoughts?

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