@LeslieTypes: What blogs & websites do you like?

Recently I received an email asking “What blogs and websites do you like?”.

What you read is obviously a reflection of who you are and what your like.  I enjoy fashion, I love football and I enjoy cooking… 

Here is a list of the blogs and website I follow closely:

Online Magazines

Chic Galleria-online lifestyle magazine

Fashion Wrap Up-online fashion magazine

(I have contributed to both!) 

Personal Blogs

The Gridiron Goddess-She is a super woman (lawyer, model, actress, host, mother…) dishin’ on life as a football wife.  I enjoy her wit and spirit. (Did I mention that she wears my jewelry?!)

Blitz and Glam-She is a lawyer sharing her love of fashion and the game of football.

Come on, Ilene!-She has great do-it-yourself projects.

On The Square-She blogs about life in McKinney, TX.

Bake Love not War-She is a writer, baker and shows all her yummy looking creations.

Baking with Basil-She has great recipes worth trying.

That is about it.  I am sure I left a few out but these are the few I read on a regular basis.

Thanks for the question and keep them coming!


2 responses to “@LeslieTypes: What blogs & websites do you like?

  1. I love Fashion Wrap Up Leslie!! Maybe I am biased though..ha ha!! I also enjoy reading Chic Galleria too! I will have to check out the above mentioned blogs!

    Thanks for the kind shout out!

    Xo – Christy

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