Want of the Day~August 14, 2011

I am a proud denim lover!  I have over 35 pairs of jeans, some as old as 1996, no name to brand name, with prices paid ranging from $30 to over $200.  I can look at a pair and tell you when and where I bought them and how much they cost me.

I love customization…of anything…and because fit is most important to me, many of the pairs I have are custom.  Remember the Levi Personal Pair Program?  I think I was their biggest customer.

I have been following Indi on Twitter for sometime now and really feel it is time for a new custom pair of jeans.  They custom make jeans for all body types and that is huge for us ladies.  They also custom make jeans for men!!

image via indicustom.com

My 32nd birthday is coming and I just may want to treat myself to some new denim.  Have any of you tried their custom design program?  Scoop?

(Yes, this is not local to Dallas and Collin because I can not find anyone in the area who provides this service.  Believe me, I have searched high and low.  If you have any suggestions, shout!)