The Food Truck Dish: Nammi

If you follow me on Twitter you know my love for Dallas area food trucks.  I recently had the pleasure of trying Vietnamese fusion food from Nammi.

 Nammi has an amazing menu consisting of banh mi, Vietnamese tacos, spring rolls and more.

I ordered the banh mi, their most popular item, with pork.  I have also had the lemongrass chicken.  This is one huge, delicious sandwich.  It overflows with the meat of your choice and great flavor.

“So…what EXACTLY is a banh mi?” 

Nammi is glad you asked!

In Vietnamese, bánh means “biscuit” and translates to “flour” or “wheat”. When the French occupied Indochina from the mid-19th to mid-20th century, they introduced the French baguette and pâté to Vietnam. The Vietnamese called the narrow loaves of bread bánh tay which literally translates to “foreign cake”. By combining French influences with local ingredients such as pork, thinly sliced cucumbers, sweet pickled carrots and daikon (do chua), cilantro, chili peppers, and garlic mayonnaise, the Vietnamese Bánh Mì (pronounced Bun – mee) was created.

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Find their schedule on their website.  You must get out and try these guys!  While you wait for your food, sip on a basil mint lemonade.  It is super refreshing!

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