Want of the Day~July 18, 2011

 The heat wave in North Texas is not stopping anytime soon.  So what do you do to try to keep cool…from the inside out?

This is sno cone season and I hear Summer Snow in Dallas has some of the best sno cones in the metroplex.

image via summersnowballs.com

They call their sno cones “snowballs” because their product is said to resemble real snow: light and fluffy.

I must get by one of the two Summer Snow locations to give these a try!


2 responses to “Want of the Day~July 18, 2011

  1. I live in the Philippines, so I am very well used to tropical weather. That’s why I am such a fun of cold desserts, and this one actually made me drool! YUM! Only few establishment makes these sorts of goodies, so I hope, even here in Phil, we can have stores that sells these babies. I really want one now.

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