Creamy, Dreamy Gelato

Who doesn’t love a creamy treat?! I am in love with the gelato from Paciugo.

What is gelato you ask?

Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert that has a lower butterfat content than ice cream.  High flavor payoff and super creamy texture is what makes gelato such a delight.

In 2000, the first Paciugo opened in Dallas.  Now with over 35 stores in the US with more planned to open soon, Paciugo has an amazing menu that goes far beyond gelato by the cup or cone.  Try a Coppa Gelato (gelato sundae), a Frappé (gelato shake), a Gelato Frizzante (sparkling shake) or one of their fantastic Affogato desserts.

On my recent trip to the Paciugo on Preston in Plano, I could not pass up the simple 3 flavor gelato cup or Piccolo Cup.  I enjoyed  Malaga (Rum Raisin), Viola (Violet) and Pistacchio (Pistachio).  All three of these flavors were delish but my favorite of the three is Viola.  The Mediterranean Sea Salted Caramel is another great flavor.

What I plan to try next: Chocolate Sorbet!

What are your thoughts?

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