Thank you so much for your interest in collaborating with Pop Goes the City!

Pop Goes the City is a owned by Leslie Chatman. Please note that for Pop Goes the City to accept a sponsored post, the subject matter has to be one of interest to me, and appropriate for Pop Goes the City readers. If I do not feel that I can cover your event, brand, product, or service honestly and with enthusiasm, the sponsorship will not be accepted. I create my own content and am unable to post pre-written comments on products or services.

Any product submitted for editorial consideration will not be returned. If I continue to use an item after the initial review, there may be follow-up post(s) on social media, but this is not guaranteed. Sending a product for editorial consideration does not guarantee a review or mention on Pop Goes the City or social media, unless previously agreed upon. Please note that all reviews will be based on my personal opinion, experience, and education. All posts as a result of a collaboration will reflect the following statement at the end: This post is powered by (brand name), however; all opinions within are my own. All posts as a result of a collaboration shared on social media will reflect the following hashtag: #sponsored.

Press releases about events, brands, products and services for editorial consideration are welcome.

Non-profits will always receive coverage gratis.

Here are a few possible ways for us to work together:

Digital Media Sponsor
Product Reviews
Sponsored Posts
Sponsored inclusion in a Special Feature

Current Special Feature Schedule (more coming soon)
March – What I’m Loving Right Now – Men & Women S/S Edition – a beauty, grooming, fashion & lifestyle piece

April – Best in Beauty

September – What I’m Loving Right Now – Men & Women F/W Edition – a beauty, grooming, fashion & lifestyle piece

If you think your event, brand, product or service is a good fit for Pop Goes the City, let’s connect and discuss.


Valid as of October 6, 2021, subject to change at any time and will be updated accordingly and without notice.