gash is back! (for a limited time)


I fell in love with Urban Decay in college. My favorite lip shade at the time was Gash, a risqué blood-red with a little shimmer. (A sexy, vampy pout at 18, 19 years of age…yep, I was all over it!)

Eventually Gash was retired, making way for many of the other Urban Decay offerings to infiltrate our makeup bags. True Urban Decay lovers NEVER forgot about Gash though, and probably found themselves from time to time searching other brands for a similar shade. (I know I did this!)

Recently, Urban Decay re-released Gash as a limited-edition…for a limited time.

If you are looking to rock a moody spring statement lip, circa 1998 style, Gash is what you need. Updated in the super rich, highly pigmented Revolution Lipstick formula, Gash will be in everyone’s makeup bag this season.

This cult-favorite won’t be around long. Get Gash online while you can!

Scoop: Be sure to check out the matching nail polish!

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