lane boots: the turquoise sole of style

Being different has its advantages and Lane Boots is making the most of it!

Since 2007, Grand Prairie, Texas based Lane Boots has been making big strides in bringing current fashion trends to western boots. The brand boasts designers from all over the country culminating in an eclectic selection of fabulously designed, meticulously handcrafted artwork for feet.

$385 image via

image via

Dawson in Turquoise and Brown is probably one of the brands most popular styles. Many ladies tout this style as their first pair of Lane Boots… Yes, this includes me!

Like most who own this boot, I was drawn to it because of the mix of distressed turquoise and brown leather. Looks are everything, right?!

But when you slip them on, you are instantly taken by how comfortable they are. The super soft insoles feel more like a sneaker than a boot.

Oh, did I mention the beautiful turquoise sole?

Lane Boots paints the sole of every boot turquoise. It’s such a great touch!

In keeping with the motto at Lane Boots‘change your boots, change your life’ – I challenge you to slip on a pair and see how they transform your idea of what wearing boots is all about.

Ready to take the challenge?! Find Lane Boots at Orison’s in Historic Downtown McKinney Square or order direct from the Lane Boots website.


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