@leslietypes: ‘uncovered’, excerpt one

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I thought today would be a great day to post the first excerpt from my 2012 NaNoWriMo book, ‘Uncovered‘.  As a reminder, the goal is to write 50,000 words, unedited, in 30 days.  So please forgive my poor grammar, spelling and tense.

Each chapter in ‘Uncovered‘ is one day in the lives of the characters; I will post an excerpt each week.  And yes, there will be some juicy parts!

Enjoy, watch my word count (on the right) and stay tuned, more excerpts are to come. 🙂


Excerpt from Day One

Trent exited next. Always smiling and looking the part, carrying on as normal. How could he leave the locker room looking like nothing has happened when his teammates aren’t even making eye contact.

A dapper dresser, Trent is wearing what has become his trademark attire. Custom made Hickey Freeman suit, shiny lace up shoes, a crisp white shirt and a tie in team colors – silver and blue. He must have a few hundred silver and blue ties; he wears one every gameday and never the same one twice.

“Trent, Trent, can I get a minute with you?”, a reported shouted. He looks over and flashes a smile but keeps walking straight ahead to the exit.

“Did Hatten really say, ‘Somebody will be losing their job before the season is over.’?”, another reporter called out. Again, he flashed a smile but this time he doesn’t look over, just straight ahead.

As Trent approached the end of the hallway toward the exit near Willow, she thought “How am I going to get this guy to recognize me?!”.

“Ummm, Trent, my name Willow Stone with Plain City Journal and I would like an exclusive interview with you to talk about your fall…” she starts. Trent stops in his tracks and walked directly towards Willow.

Broad, strong shoulders. Beautiful white teeth and a swagger to boot. He stopped short, extended his hand and asked, “You are who?”.

“Willow Stone”, she said as she reached out to shake his hand. “Keep it firm, keep it firm”, she thought. Nothing like a limp handshake to ruin a situation.

“You were the one that asked me about the dropped passes weren’t you”, he asked with a bit of a scowl on his face.

Treading carefully she responded, “Yes, I did. The last two games have been very tough for you guys and you were the person to have had the full fate of the outcome in your hands each time. Each time you dropped the ball, literally. How is the team coping?”

“You want an exclusive, right? Umpf.”, he said and took a few steps forward towards the door passing her by.

His body language said she had gotten under his skin but she could tell he had more to say, more to shed light on. Willow feared she was about to lose him.

That was rough. Did I just rub him the wrong way? Don’t stop now, keep pressing”, Willow thought to herself.

“Trent, I do want an exclusive, I want to hear your response to the criticism and rumors, but let’s do it on your terms. Fair?”, she asked.

Trent extended his hand to Willow’s hand again. Turning so that others could not see his face, he winked, smiled and said loudly, “Thank you, but I am going to pass ma’am. You will have to find your story elsewhere. I have no comment at this time.” Push forward to the door, Trent was gone.

Willow felt something poking her hand but she quickly clasped her hand to conceal it. Trent had passed her a note. “Why would he pass me a note”, she thought. No one suspected anything and Willow was eager to get in her car so she could see what Trent slipped her.

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